Welcome to Lunatheria, a personal domain collective. I'm Luna, formally known as Jess in the TFL network. I've been working on designing websites since 2005 and originally started my passion for design on Neopets creating guilds and petpages. Here you will find the many sites I own, plus some other projects that I've started or am in the process if starting. Lunatheria has been a on-going project (although the names have changed many times in the past) for a while now to create a space to house everything!
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Fantique (www)

Luna's Personal Fanlisiting Collective
Rare Candy (www)

Jess' Pokemon Collective (Fanlistings & Shrines)
Aetheria (www)

Anime, Manga, and Gaming graphics resource site.
Candy Rain (www)

Free & Budget Geeky Web Hosting
Commendation (www)

Credits and Thanks to the sites that deserve it.


Below are the projects that are going to be done soon. The names of most are still undecided.


Jess' Personal Blog

Status: Started


The Network's Guestbook

Status: 0% Completed

Layout Archive

The collectives's layout archive.

Status: 0% Completed

Directory Site

A future directory site.

Status: 0% Completed

Update Log

Update Log for Sites

Status: 0% Completed